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  • DFR will be managed under sound forest management practices in accordance with the FSC® Principles and the biological, social and economic principles defined by the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), Malaysian Criteria and Indicators (MC&I), and in conformity with the existing State forest policies, environmental policies, legislation and regulations.

  • The SFD would maintain and enhance the high conservation value forests (HCVF), biodiversity, wilderness, soil, and water resources that are ecologically justified, technically and financially feasible within the framework of the SFD’s regular operations.

  • The SFD would continue to demonstrate to all relevant stakeholders, national, and international clients, on its efforts towards quality environmental management in DFR. Our internal and external auditors shall monitor this.

  • Every effort would be undertaken by the SFD to optimize economic returns to the State on a long-term basis by maximizing utilization, efficient use of raw materials from DFR, and good marketing strategies of DFR’s ecotourism potentials.

  • On the social aspect, the SFD would continue to provide job opportunities and socio-economic development activities, particularly to the local communities living adjacent to DFR, so as to improve their living standard.

  • The SFD would escalate research and development (R&D).




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