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Protection is vital for the security and stability of the forest. Poaching, illegal logging and forest fires are a constant threat. Deramakot Forest Reserve (DFR) is especially porous in the south where it is bounded by the Kinabatangan River and in the north where it shares a common boundary with the oil palm estates.

The boundary of DFR, particularly those bordering alienated lands, have been demarcated. Properly demarcated boundaries will facilitate enforcement work.

Illegal felling has occurred over the years, with the most serious ones, involving tractors. By and large this has subsided, and if it occurs, will most probably be confinedto small time riverine felling, a form of cultural harvesting, peculiar to the riverine commmunities along the Kinabatangan River.

Ground patrol
Ground patrol

Engagement with local communities has also been effective in curbing illegal activites such as encroachment and poaching.

Illegal Felling & Forest Fires (1995 – 2015)

Illegal Felling, 1995 - 2014
Year Volume (m3)
1995-1999 4,353
2000 3,027
2001 214
2002 14.7
2003-2015 0
Total 7,5941
Year Area Burnt (ha)
1997 250

Aerial Surveillance
Aerial surveillance
River patrol
River patrol

Forest outpost (Kinabatangan river)

Forest guard post at main entrance
Forest guard post (Main entrance)



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