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Poorly stocked areas for rehabilitation and/or enrichment planting are selected by diagnostic ground  surveys supported by satellite image.  Planting line or clusters spaced at 12.5 m are marked in the field with a planting density of approximately 240 plants/ha. The planting stock is obtained from seeds and seedlings mostly collected in Deramakot Forest Reserve.

Principal species used in enrichment planting are the common faster growing and shade tolerant Dipterocarps such as Shorea spp., Parashorea tomentella and Dryobalanops lanceolata. In open areas, fast growing native species such as Laran (Neolamarckia cadamba) and Binuang (Octomeles sumatrana) are planted.

Tending of planted trees is carried out frequently for a duration of five years.  Enrichment planting is a costly operation.  If harvesting operation had only gone by the book in the past, we will be ensured of a residual stand with adequate regeneration and re-planting is unnecessary.


Re-planting in Planting Line or Cluster fashion
(Nyatoh sp.)
Raising of seedlings and wildlings at the nursery in Deramakot Forest Reserve
Replanting in Planting Line
Nursery in Deramakot Forest Reserve

Details on area planted : click here

2007: Additional area gazetted as forest reserve, planted by the local communities

2008: HSBC fund to plant up degraded forest using local communities

2009: SDC fund to plant up degraded forest using local communities



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