1. DFR will be managed to provide a sustained yield of high quality timber and other wood products to optimize economic returns to the State on a long-term basis by maximizing utilization and efficient use of raw materials. In addition, every effort would be undertaken by the SFD to demonstrate and promote forest rehabilitation and silvicultural practices that jointly sustain ecological and economic forest values.

  2. The SFD will ensure that the conservation of a diversity of wildlife particularly for orang-utans (Pongo pygmaeus), Pygmy elephants (Elephas maximus), and Tembadaus (Bos javanicus) and the provision of suitable habitats for them and others in DFR will be undertaken and managed.

  3. DFR serves as an example in promoting the conservation and restoration of native flora and therefore, the SFD will continue to manage DFR in order to provide habitats that support a diversity of native plant communities and species.

  4. Water resources management involves all water resources, values, uses, functions, and delineations. The SFD will manage water resources in DFR within the context of adaptive management, considering the wide range of potential impacts, issues and opportunities relating to water resources.

  5. The SFD will ensure that conserving populations of rare, unique and endangered species, as well as, other ecologically significant populations and examples of all native plant communities in DFR will be aggressively undertaken. In addition, the SFD will protect selected areas of special scientific, scenic or ecological significance in DFR. Forest fragmentation, connectivity and patch distribution will be considered in management decisions affecting resources in DFR.

  6. The SFD and other research institutions will continue to be involved in research programs directed toward improving ecosystem management and SFM in DFR.

  7. In addition to what is prescribed in current legislations, regulations and conditions concerning the environment, all possible environmental improvement initiatives will be taken which are ecologically motivated, technically feasible and commercially viable. The SFD will continue to demonstrate to all relevant stakeholders, national, and international clients, on its efforts towards quality environmental management in DFR. The SFD’s internal and external auditors shall monitor this.

  8. The SFD will expand current efforts on issues related to appropriate mechanisms for capturing known values related to different goods and services supplied by the forests in DFR, including environmental services such as, carbon sequestration, biological diversity, watershed protection and ecotourism potentials.

  9. The SFD will continue to provide job opportunities and socio-economic development activities, particularly to the local communities living adjacent to DFR, so as to improve their living standard.

  10. Bribery, Sexual Harrasment & Gender Equlity